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29 November 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Escaping Boundaries 1/?  

Title: Escaping Boundaries

Author: Cassidy :]

Genre: Fantasy, Romance?

Rating: PG-13 (for slight language)

Pairing: Daiki x OC x Yamada

Disclaimer: Johnny's is just being cruel!

Summary: Aetas Pax Pacis University is a place where angels, demons, and humans dwell. Riko and Daiki are complete opposites, an angel and a demon, but fate has brought them together. Will this pair end in tragedy or will something even greater will blossom?

Art by: cuteasian123

The large glamorous hallways of the Art and Music Department were peaceful and quiet, after all class just started. The floors are a shimmering glitter white tiles and on the ceiling are small chandeliers every fifteen steps. Leading from the west wing to the east, on the right are where the walls to the classrooms are and separating each door was a piece of art ranging from a painting to a clear glass vase, all created by the students of APPU. Upon the left side stretches a long window having a pole reaching the corner and curving and extending on, also divides the window in half. All lovely and silent for a good ten minutes until a young lady, in black flat ankle boots that cling to her leg with bows the outside, dark blue skinny jeans, a forest colored Green Day shirt peering through a black pea jacket and a maroon handbag with a flower pattern, is racing from the east wing to get to her singing class.


Looking around to an empty hall really upsets her and hastens her pace.

Why didn't I stay awake when Ryo woke me up this morning and go to class with him and Chii.

"116, 117, ahh 118!" She Riko says in excitement in her voice.

Taking a deep breath holding the silver knob to the classroom and slowly twisting and opening the door to the back of the classroom of four semi-circle rows grows larger getting from the front to the back. Since the advanced singing class is such a small class, only the two first rows are filled. In front of the classroom is a blackboard, a grand piano, a wooded podium, Ohno-sensei and what seems to be a new student. Slowly Riko tries to tip toe to her seat unnoticed, until she tripped over the lump in the navy blue carpet.

"Class we have


"Ahh Asahi-san nice of you to join us, please take a seat." Ohno-sensei declared extending his arm towards Riko's seat.

"Hai~" She slowly walk down the stairs as like she was a deer caught in headlights as everyone stared at her and made it to her seat upon her white desk next to Yamada and in front of Chinen, while her distraction, Yabu, lies to the right of Chinen.

Gosh. This is soo embarrassing~ Uwa!

"Anyways. Class we have a new addition to our little family, please introduce yourself, since we shall spend the rest of the time in at APPU together."


"But isn't this advanced class usually only for Demon ladies and Angel boys, well except for Riko, but she was a human afterall." Spoke up Inoo Kei.

Everyone stares at Riko for a brief moment of akwardness and makes her nod in agreement.

"Well he is a special person, like Asahi, so let us all treat him nicely. Now, Arioka-san please continue." Ohno-sensei states as a signal for Daiki to talk.

"Hai~ Arioka Daiki Desu. I'm a junior here. Yoroshiku~"

"Very well Arioka-san, take the vacant space next to the window and our late Asahi-san."

Daiki staggers his feet as to his left as he is about to climb the stairs looks upon who is at the end of the aisle, his girfriend, Inoue Akane, who is next to her best friend, Chinen Mai. He has the biggest smile on his face reaching cheek to chubby cheek and heads to his seat.

It's all for her

"Class lets continue with recent activities." Ohno-sensei started again.

In hushed tones, Yamada and Riko are writing notes to each other, in pink ink is Riko and her neat writing and in green is Yamada and well, his chicken scratch.

I see you made it to class.

Yeah. I ran all the way here!

I'm sorry i didn't go back to check if you were still asleep. You didn't miss anything :D


Aww don't be that way, tell you what i'll treat you to dinner today! What do you say ^^

Fine. But i get to pick the place~

Geez, my poor wallet :O but it is all worth it for my best friend :D

Good! Meet in front of my dorm at 5?

Upon reading the note Yamada nodded and put it away and started to play attention to what Ohno-sensei was teaching.


"That's all for today class." declared Ohno-sensei. Which was everyone's cue to hurry up and get out of the class

"Haiyaku Riko! You're making Riin wait for us, we can't keep her waiting." Chinen yelled out at the doorway of the classroom.

"Urusai, just because you wanna see Riin so bad, I'm a very slow person by nature!" Riko said in response which obviously made Chinen blush a bright shade of red and make Yamada and him walk into the halls.

That shut him up really quick!

"Hai. Hai. I'll be there in a second." She opened her bag, took her arm across the desk and pushed all her belonging into her bag; which included her multi-colored gel pens, notebook, keys, iphone, a black wallet with a white bow infront, and her treasured orange ipod with orange earbuds to match.

Stood up and started to dart to the door, then her phone began to ring. While she kept walking and moved her attention to her right and began digging for her phone unknowing that she was about to hit someone that would change her life.

"Itai." Daiki yelped. All of the belongings within Riko's bag disperse all around the floor, which makes her rush to the ground and hurry to pick up everything that was scattered.

"Um, excuse me little miss, didn't you forget to apologize?" Akane emit with utter anger and bitchy-ness in her voice.

"Ah! Simimasen." Riko jumped up from the navy carpet and bowed to Daiki.

"Iie. Don't worry about it." He replied.

Riko scurries to pick up the last of her dropped items and leave before anything else bad would happen to her.


"You wanted to see me Sakurai-sensei?" Riko stood in front of Sakurai Sho-sensei's desk after her Topology math class, ready to end her day and get ready to go eat with Yamada.

"Asahi, I heard that you need community service hours."

"Uh hai." She replied with a quizzical look on her face.

"Well one of my students needs a student tutor teacher to teach pre-calculus and help him pass it, because of some complications. Now if he can't get someone to do this for him, he won't be able to graduate. All you would have to do his teach and help him for a few hours each day. Please you are one of my greatest students!" Sensei pleaded in his explanation.

"EH? It's for a few quarters right? Then yes I will, to help someone in need."

"Honto? Arigatou Asahi-chan! I knew it was a correct choice to move you up! Just go to the Main Office of the Mathematics building and wait for Minami-san to come and explain the process."

Geez. What have I gotten myself into ^^;


Riko stopped in front of a translucent door with words that read, "Mathematics Main Office" in big bold, white letters. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

The office looked like any other in that University. She found a row of 4 seats which were a Victorian pattern of black and blue, where there sat a student at the far right who seems to be in his own world. Riko to the seat to the left end and took her jacket off revealing her green day shirt, put her ear plugs in and blasted her favorite Dashboard Confessional song.(A/N I just picked a random band. I wonder if Daiki actual listens to them xD)

That snapped Daiki out of his daze to look at where the noise originated from. He turned to his left to see a girl in his favorite band's shirt.

HEY! She's from my Singing class


"Hmph?" Riko said taking out an earbud.

"You listening to Dashboard Confessional right? I recognize the voice, but not the song."

"Ohh. It's from their new album Alter the Ending."

"Sou? That's cool, I have never met someone who listens to American music at this school. Even though we run our school system works around the American school time."

"Yeah. My friends aren't really into music like this. Oh I'm Asahi Riko." said extending out her hand.

"Arioka Daiki desu." and took her hand and shook it.

"Ah?! Arioka-san? Gomen for this morning!'

"Iie. My girlfriend was over reacting."

"Well I--

"You guys seem to be getting along really well." They turned to see Minami at the doorway, with a smirk on her face.

Riko stood up and bowed at her, "Good Afternoon Minami-san."

"Nice to see you again Riko, and i see you guys have already met."

"Yeah?" Daiki stood up

“Well Riko is your student teacher.”

“Ha? She’s an angel?”

“Yes and no. She was a human turned angel.”

“”Sou. Well I can’t tonight, I have a date with Akane.”

“You should have thought that before you skipped your classes. Now Riko head towards the dorm for the private lesson. And here is all the material on calculus you need to teach.” Minami-sensei gave her a large binder, “So I have a meeting, have fun you two~”


The walk to the building was awkward and silent, Daiki was extremely upset to find out he was going to blow off Akane. Heading off the gold colored elevator to the 6th floor and the décor was the exact opposite of the Angel’s dorm in color and objects decorating. Instead of Blue and white, there was red and black, the hallways seemed so dark after leaving the lobby of the elevator.

In front of Daiki’s dorm room ‘618’ he took his keys out and opened the door. l

He seems really depressed...

Walking into his EXTREMELY messy room; on the floor you would find clothes, junk, and a bunch of pocky wrappers. Finding his desk was almost impossible!

"One day I'm going to clean your room!"

"Mhmm. Whatever, can we get this over with?"

"Ah..Okay let me tell you do something. Remember I am giving up my time too! I was supposed to meet my friend for dinner, andwell i got over it. Just remember after all of this you will have free time and gradutate. kay?"

"HAI!" he replied with excitement in his voice.

"Now let's find your desk~"


"Ugh! Daiki, why won't you answer his DAMN PHONE!" Akane screamed as she angrily closed her pink phone with rinestones and the cell phone charm her and Daiki share, it is a pink penguin.

"He's probably with his tutor." Mai suggested

"He never has time for me anymore! What is that girl more important than me? It's been a month since I have been out with him."


"Then you know what? I'm gonna make that girl wish she has never been born!" with a evil grin growing upon her face, planning in her mind what she will do.


"Minna! We are going on a field trip to Tokyo Disney for a week to have a showcase there, so pack up! We leave in a few days~
" Ohno sensei announced after 3 months of being together.

A/N: Rewrite #1~ ah. I had half of it done but it was deleted T^T so i am going to write it all again yay! \^^/ So please comment :3 How is it ^^;

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rori-chanhikaru_is_love on December 7th, 2009 12:10 pm (UTC)
i just stumbled upon this now but wow
i think i just proved it possible to fall in love with a fanfiction
beautifully written :)
i cant wait for an update