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02 January 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Escaping Boundaries 4/? PART ONE  

Title: Escaping Boundaries 4/? PART ONE
Author: Cassidy = taylidy :D  
Genre:  AU, Fantasy, Romance, Angst?
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing: Daiki x OC x Yamada
Disclaimer:I don't own anything execpt my OC and the plot ^^
Summary:  Riko and Daiki are two people against world. As an Angel and Demon, they come from two opposite lives, but they have been brought together by fate. Will these obstacles tear them apart or bring them even closer together?


Art by: cuteasian123


Prologue//One// Two//Three//  


The crowd roared will clapping and whistling as the bride and groom made their appearance. Having a wedding in spring was the most exquisite, magical and beautiful event for a woman and the one she loved, it was outside and cherry blossom petals flew everywhere and covered the ground of beautifully cut green grass. The ceremony just ended, and the reception was full of tables draped with spring colors of pink, yellow, and green, a large wooded dance floor complete with a stage and equipment for a breathtaking night, and unlit little lights everywhere which would stimulate a starry night, even without stars.


It was around 5:30 and the sun was beginning to set, here at one of the yellow tables, sat Riko in a lovely strapless shiny purple dress with ruffles and lace around hemline, which stopped at her mid-thigh and a bow, tied in the side front of the dress. Her hair was in a tied back loose and messy bun, as her bangs gently caressed her forehead, she sat quietly at her seat holding her metallic clutch, and her shoes matched her purse, as she waited for the blushing bride to make her speech. Next to her was her ever so silent date, who was the most stunning she had ever seen him, him looked like a prince! His silver suit which patterns of white thin lines heading from top to bottom, he had a matching vest inside with two black buttons, his dress shirt was a lavender, black dress shoes, and a silver bow tie to complete his look.,.


Wow. The boy cleans up well, is it illegal to look that charming? This isn’t helping me like him any less.


Riko snapped back her focus, and off of Daiki, to the blushing bride or as Daiki knows her, Onee-chan.




♪♫One Week Ago♪♫


In Daiki’s messy as ever room, paced Riko and Daiki having an epic conversation on what was the plan for this break for them.


“Eh? You say your sister’s name is Ayaka. THE ARIOKA AYAKA!”


“Um, yeah. Why you know her?” Daiki was still packing his belongings for staying at his sister’s place for about two days, he wasn’t planning on staying long, since he’d knew Akane would hate that.


“She was my Senpai I had admired so much.” She walked to his bed and sat down, remembering how great his sister was.


“Oh I see.”


“But something doesn’t make sense, why are you a Demon and she’s an Angel. And you guys aren't humans.” Riko looked at him with a curious look on her face.


“We’re half. So do you want to go to her wedding or not?”


“Half! That’s so cool! I would love to see Ayaka-Senpai again, but would you be asking your girlfriend to accompany you to events like these.”


“Yeah, but she hates seeing my family. They are basically angels, except for my siblings and my cousin is the only true Demon and one of Akane’s close friends. She introduced us.” Riko’s happy expression came to a halt, it was spring and she still couldn’t get over that little crush on Daiki.


“Okay. Are you sure you don’t mind me coming as your date?”


“Yeah, I would be bored with no one to complain to.” Daiki looked at her and smiled, which she responded with a little giggle.


“Haha, I got it. So we leave for Chiba in a week?” She stood up and headed for the door and was going to pack, while twisting the knob in Daiki’s dorm, he said something to make her stop.


“Hai. In a week, thank you for doing this.” Riko nodded and proceeded out.


♫♪Present Time♫♪




“Thank you everyone for coming, especially my annoying little brother, who came all this way to see my wedding. Thank you Daiki. I want to thank all of you for being part of Hideo’s and Mine special day, but even more importantly, thank you for being part of our lives.” The crowd of one hundred people clanked champagne glasses, whistled like wolves, and clapped to the beautiful bride and her groom.


“Ayaka-senpai, kirei.”


“That’s my sister, only to put something short and simple to such a sweet speech.” Daiki said amused. They sat at a table of six, which was composed of the younger adults of the family, which included one of Daiki’s married Angel cousin and her spouse, his older brother and his wife, and his demon cousin with her date.


“AW! Is my little brother being sweet~ You’re probably the sweetest demon I’ve ever met.” The newly Mrs. Hashimoto Hideo, came dresses in a light pink evening dress and her husband shortly behind, and ruffled Daiki’s hair a bit.


“Cut it out Nee-chan.” He replied giggling.


“And who is this pretty lady? She isn’t Akane is she?” Ayaka said sarcastically, smirking at her little brother.


“No, Akane couldn’t make it, so I brought my friend and tutor, Asahi Riko.” Riko abruptly stood up and bowed.


“Asahi Riko desu. You may not remember my Ayaka-senpai, but I—


“Oh, you are a human, no?”


“I was, now I’m an Angel now. I’m glad you remember me.” She said nervously.


“Ah Sugoi. So Daiki is this your new girlfriend, I like her.” Which made Riko blush furiously and try to conceal it, but Ayaka was a bit too smart and clever to notice Riko’s, redder than tomatoes, cheeks.


“Naw, Akane and I had a fight, but Riko’s not my girlfriend.”


“Mm. Is that so? Okay, but she is still a very fine young lady. Sorry, but there are other guests I have to attend to,” As Ayaka was walking towards Riko to other guest she brushed by her and whispered, “I like you, and I think you’re a better choice than Akane.”


“Eh?” Riko tensely reacted, making Ayaka put her index finger on her lips, which what she said was an obvious secret; Riko mimicked her and bowed as she walked away.


“Huh? What did my sister tell?”


“Oh nothing we were just having a girl heart to heart.” Riko chuckled and looked at the beautiful cherry blossom tree was it hit the light from the sunset.


Ayaka-senpai is so silly; Daiki would never fall for me.


What did she say?! I bet it was something embarrassing about me and how I used it sleep with a penguin nightlight! :O


Where the pool further in the backyard lied, there was a beautiful garden arranged with spring flowers surrounded, as the lights of the pool shined, revealed an angry demon with her phone at hand, yelling into it.


“Akane, why am I always getting your voicemail?” Miyuki furiously yelled at her phone, trying to get in touch with Akane, “I go through all that trouble with my cousin and you let him go places with that angel! You know what, I’m not going to let her ruin this for you, I’ll get rid of her mark my words.” She clicked off her phone and calmly walked back to the reception before anyone knew what she was up to, with and evil sneer on her face, plotted her schemes in her mind.


You are messing with the wrong demons little miss.






The day turned to night quick, the magical lights were lit, and the ambiance was so romantic, the dance floor was lit as well, candles on the centerpieces were exquisite, as everyone went on the wooden dance floor with their dates, Daiki and Riko sat at their table looking at all of them.


I want to dance, but Daiki wouldn't want to, ne?


Ever since Akane was brought up, Riko could tell that he was one love sick puppy, who really missed her and wonders why he had dragged Riko here if she wasn’t going to have fun. She was sad too, she really missed her best friends’ faces, but Riko realized why she wanted to go was she really wanted to help Daiki, since she well, like him. They sat there quietly for a little while until Ayaka pulled Daiki away, after whispering to the DJ, and a sweet song sung by that young woman with her acoustic guitar named, Lisa. The soothing melody played and Riko just swayed side to side, moving with the beat of the song. Riko heard some loud, but muffled noise came from Daiki and his sister, seconds later Daiki came back to Riko and offered his hand.


“Would you like to dance?” Smiling at her, extending his right arm out to her, she gladly accepted it as they made their way onto the dance floor where may others were too.


I don’t think I like this sort of awkward feeling

It kinda throws me out of balance today…


Daiki places her in the right formation and takes the lead, they sway to the music, and it almost seemed natural for them. He was like her prince for a moment, but how hard she is trying to not think this way.


Anyway, I can’t seem to be myself

With you, somehow…


Yeah, Why do I always feel funny around you? Daiki, why am I always so shaky?


When I look at you and I just can’t speak

And you look at me, and my knees get week

I wanna tell you something

But you don’t know, but you don’t know.


They looked into each others’ eyes for a moment, and shyly turn away.


Why do you always know what to say to make me go crazy? I can’t love you, I just can’t. I love Akane, right?


Commons sense evades me or maybe it just hates me

My mind is getting used to thinking of you

I bet that you have already have that someone special

But even so, I’ll keep on wishing

For just a little while



You make me melt away

Into the clouds…


That’s right you have Akane, if only this dance could last a little longer.

What if you do feel the way I do?

What if you’d say…this love is quite okay.


I guess you will never feel the same? They thought simultaneously.


Everyone applauded this young individual, as she walked off the stage, she apparently is one of Ayaka’s close friends and this was one of her favorite songs from her. I guess Ayaka successful accomplished her plan, this song is what made her fall for Hideo, after listening to this song, it finally made him realized how much he loved her and it started their relationship.


I hope the magic of this song worked for them too.






It was getting late, and guests were starting to get home, as for Daiki, Riko, Miyuki, and some others from the family stayed behind to help clean up. Riko was getting tiring after some while and sat on the chair to take a quick break, when suddenly Miyuki appears in front of her.


“Ne, Riko-chan. Could you help me, I think some kids were playing over there and made a mess.”


“Sure, I don’t mind.” Riko headed toward the little walkway that was somewhat hidden behind much terrain and parts of the house, with a as she smile walked, little did Riko know, Miyuki had a smirk the whole way walking behind her. Daiki’s older brother saw them walk back there, and didn’t think much of it and continued to clean up; he should have told someone for the foreshadowing that is coming to the story…


They stopped in front of the deep blue lit pool, Riko looked around in suspicion, she saw nothing out of place, but then why was she trying to bring her here alone she thought.


“So, you’re probably wondering why you are here, ne?


“Um yeah, it’s spotless over here!”


“I brought you here to talk with you.” Miyuki said slowly walking around to the deeper end of the pool as Riko curiously follows.


“Talk about what?” Riko said dumbfounded, Miyuki took a quick about face turn to be leering a Riko deep in her eyes.


“About you trying to seal Daiki from Akane.”


“What? I have no intention of taking him; he’s just a good friend and senpai.”


“Sure,” Miyuki replied sarcastically, “Then what was that dance you had with him?”


“Just a dance—


“Then can you honestly say that you have absolutely no romantic feelings toward Daiki?”


Riko looked at the ground and became silent, she stared at the ground until she felt a wincing pain in her right thigh, she looked to be stabbed her upper leg by a sharp pair of tweezers. She fell to the ground watching so much of her crimson blood leave her body as she pulled out that pair of pink tweezers, Riko was paralyzed and tried to crawl away. But she was kicked by Miyuki’s heel in her delicate face and once again kicked in her stomach, making her wince in pain and crash into the pool, causing subtle waves.

Miyuki look as the bubbles of oxygen slowly left her, as Riko struggled to breathe; she dusted herself and walked back to the front, trying to leave as soon as possible. Riko just slowly sunk into the bottom of the pool clutching the necklace Daiki gave her; she tries to hold her breath as long as she can before relieving it, and closes her eyes for her last moments of life. Her leg was now numb and her blood covered a part of the pool, she was scared, she was dying and couldn’t do anything about it.


I guess this is the end.


Letting go of her last breath, she sunk down.



 (Part Two)

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rori-chanhikaru_is_love on January 13th, 2010 11:54 am (UTC)

i love the song, i love this i heart heart heart it!!!
i felt like Riko through this whole chapter
i even got her fuzzies when she was dancing with him...
i guess that goes to show what a good writer you are ne~

and i love daiki's nee-chan
she is awesome!
and omg NEXT PART!!!!