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30 December 2009 @ 06:43 am
Escaping Boundaries 3/?  

Title: Escaping Boundaries 3/?
Author: Cassidy :]  
Genre:  AU, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing: Daiki x OC x Yamada
Disclaimer:I don't own anything execpt my Oc and the plot ^^
Summary:  Aetas Pax Pacis University is a place where angels, demons, and humans dwell. Riko and Daiki are complete opposites, an angel and a demon, but fate has brought them together. Will this pair end in tragedy or will something even greater will blossom?

Art by: cuteasian123

Prologue//One// Two// 


Riko turned around to Yamada, who was sitting on her bed, she was dressed in a black cardigan with a black V-neck shirt with little colorful hearts in the middle heading upwards, tucked in a red puffy satin skirt that was a few inches from her knees with black stockings reaching her feet, which red canvas bow flats upon her feet, her hair was curled in a ponytail to right shoulder with a headband with a huge red bow, and a pink and red chain necklace with the snowflake necklace Daiki had given her. She was getting ready for the party and had to find clothes so she can blend in with demon s at the party.


"So Ryo. What do you think?" She said twirling and ending in a pose.


"W-wow." Is the only word that came out of his mouth, Riko was always fashionable, but bright, he seemed a bit surprised on what she mustered up.


"Do you think this is okay for the club, or will I stick out completely?"


"No, you l-look g-great, but are you sure you should be going to a party full of demons?" He stuttered.


"It's alright! Daiki will be there, nothing bad is going to happen, Ryo." Riko smiled at him, while picking up her phone and putting it in her pocket of the cardigan and started to head to the door.


"Just be safe, why do you trust that demon so much?"


With her hand on the knob and paused at his question, “Okay, because he's different." and continued to open her door.


"Then make sure you call me if anything bad happens, I'll be there for you." Riko nodded and proceeded.


Everything is going to be fine, Daiki will protect me. I trust him.




She walked in front of a door and opened to a room, which looked like a club full of colorful flashing lights, loud music played by a DJ, and a bunch of people she absolutely didn't know. Riko was looking for a familiar face and just wandering around, which ultimately made her a victim of unknowing horny boys. Suddenly a muscular arm crept on her shoulders and she turned to see a guy with crooked smile looking at her seductively.


"Hey sweetie, I don't know your name. I know all the pretty ladies names."


"I'm Asahi Riko." She said quietly and worried.


"I'm Yaotome Hikaru, nice to meet you."


"Sorry, I hav—


"Come on let's go somewhere quiet." She was trying to fight Hiker’s arm and started to feel uncomfortable.


"No thank you—


"Hey Hikaru, wouldn't Lore get mad if she found you flirting with other girls?" Daiki said with his arm around Hikaru.


"Shit! She came?"


"Yeah, now I think you should leave before she finds out." He said slyly, making Hikaru dash from them and escape onto the crowd. Daiki took her wrist and sit her down on some couches. With the faint sound of worry in Hikaru's voice, "Lore, Baby, it's not what you think~"

"You okay?"


"Yeah, t-thank you." Riko replied in relief.


“Good. Don't mind Hikaru, he's a close friend and a really fun guy, but a real playboy."


"It's okay."


"So you ready to meet some people?" She nodded in reply and headed with him to a section where seven or so people sat.


"Minna, this is my friend Riko, be kind to her, nah?"


Riko sat down next to an extremely tall boy in casual clothing, and a guy with a V-neck and an english accent.


"This is Yuto and Keito, they are second years too. Now I have to find Akane before she bites my head off, I'll see you soon Riko." and walked away somewhere


While many of the guys were flirting with some random girls they have barely met, the one name Yuto spoke up, "So Riko is it? You look oddly familiar."


"Yeah we were in the same class last year."


"Oh yeah, you were the human. So are you still a potential or what?"


"Actually, I'm an Angel now."


"Eh?! Sugoi, you don't look like one at all."


"What do you mean?"


"You don't dress like one. You're really pretty."


"Thank you." Riko slightly blushed. Yuto grabbed her wrist and stood up, "Let's dance."


After about a half an hour, Riko decide to get some air and passed Akane, without Daiki, whispering into a young handsome looking guy's ear and the guy walking away, but she hardly pays attention to it. She walked to a roomy place with only the blue light of the bar shined the hall and a young fellow from early came walking with a few drinks in his hands.


"Here cutie, some ginger ale." She kindly accepted the drink held onto it.


"Thank you. Well I guess the Club scene isn't for me, ne?" Riko was leaning against the arch entrance way, takes a sip of the glass and made that guy chuckle a bit.


"You're funny, my name is Nakayama Yuma." He said extending he arm to her.


"Asahi Riko." replying in a dizzy tone and falling on his arms and her vision was becoming blurry and soon was completely black, and the last thing she heard was.


"Don't worry I'm gonna take good care of you, for Akane-sama."




Walking back to where he had left Riko to mingle and make friends with his friends, and was kind of scared when he didn't see her and was starting to worry, he was to protect her.


"Um, Guys where the HELL is Riko." Daiki said angrily picked up Yuto by his collar.


"I-I don't know, about an hour ago we were dancing and she said she needed a break. But she never came back. When I went looking for her , then Matsumura Hokuto said she ditched me." Yuto said nervously,


Daiki had a past reputation of beating people who got him angry, he released Yuto and told him to tell the others, Takaki, Hikaru, and Keito, to help him gather information before something bad happens to her. He regains composure and run to find Riko before it was too late for him to do anything about it.


She trusted me and what did I do, ignored her and only stay with Akane.


After about ten minutes Daiki got a call from Takaki.


"Dude. We found Hokuto trying to leave the club, meet us outside." Daiki hangs up and starts to run and ends up at the alleyway, near a trash bin and one flickering light, to find Keito and Yuto holding Hokuto, while Hikaru is beating him as Takaki is instigating him on Riko’s whereabouts. Daiki walks towards them and picks Hokuto up; with the scariest expression on his face any of them have ever seen from the short boy, he slammed him against the old crimson brick wall, causing Hokuto to weep in pain.


"Tell what happen to Riko NOW." as he pulls him up against the wall, Daiki's voice echoed throughout the city.


"I don't know what you are talking about." Hokuto said smirking as blood trickled from the side of his lips.


Daiki threw him against the garbage bin and let Hokuto stand up, so he can wail at him some more, it was a gruesome fight he kept on battling. Just throwing him around like a doll, like he was nothing but his little punching bag. When Hokuto was completely beat up and just laying on his back and his blood was spilled everywhere, excluding Daiki's fists, Daiki walked up to him and picked him up by the color of his shirt once more.


"I only going to ask you this one more time, and if you don't answer, don't expect to wake up tomorrow. Now tell me what happened to Riko!"


Quivering in absolute fear Hokuto answered, "She's down the street at a local love hotel with big red neon letters that spell 'LOVE' on the 6th floor and the 13th room, and we were only following an order."


"By whom?'


"Akane-sama, she wanted Yuma to rape her to learn her lesson."


Upon hearing that statement, Daiki let go of him, making Hokuto stand up and disappeared from that scene. He was frozen, shocked and felt betrayed; so many questions popped up in his mind, many confusing complicated ones.


What Akane? Huh? Why poor Riko? What am I supposed to do? Save Riko and betray my girlfriend, or just let a poor innocent angel get raped by some demon?


Being touched by Takaki’s hand on his shoulder, caused him to wake up from his dreamlike state, “If you care about her, go. If you are her friend, go. But understand the consequences you will face if you do,” Takaki told him wisely. Daiki nodded, “Then you go on, we will meet you there for back-up.”


“Arigatou.” He looked at everyone with a reassuring look and began to run like the wind.


I’m coming Riko, wait for me.




Riko’s eyes blinked open and started to focus about her surroundings, noticed she was in her shirt and her skirt with her black stocking off and her wrists were tied ,by what seemed to be leather, to the backboard of the hotel bed. She looked around the room, it looked like any other hotel room complete with color scheme like the one like any she has been to with Victorian and floral patterns everywhere, but something was a bit off, it was a love hotel bed room full of crazy S&M stuff. Riko struggled to get loose and looked over to see a shirtless Yuma by the window looking at the beautiful night, and came walking towards her.


“Did you have a nice rest?”


“Let me out off this Nakayama-san.”


“Sorry, I can’t do that, it would upset Akane-sama, now this will only hurt a little bit.”


Yuma climbed on top of here and planted kisses on her neck, and tried to kick him off, but it was useless, he was too strong. His hands began to try to go behind her shirt and attempted unhooked her bra, then his hand crept up her leg and she could feel him trying to pry her sweet chastity away from her. During all of this tears wouldn’t stop flowing down her face felt discussed of herself, she was supposed to be a pure angel, but now, it will all be stripped away from her within in a mere twenty minutes.


Somebody. Anybody. Save me.


At that moment, the door began to be rattling, making Yuma stop, a few more shakes and reveals an angry Daiki kicking the door open; He walked in with Takaki and the others right behind him. Then took Yuma off of Riko and started to kick his ass left and right, they did so many unmentionable this to him with the S&M things, until he was left on the floor coughing up blood that is staining the carpet. While Daiki unties Riko, she leaps to him and hugs him like she never wants to let go of him and starts crying some more.


He hugs her back and kept on saying, “I’m so sorry I left you, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Upon him saying this only made her smile, she hasn’t felt in such relief ever in her life, her heart was racing from so many factors, she just needed to hug him.


“Daiki, I think you guys better leave soon.” Daiki let go of her and got all of her stuff together and carried her on his back and headed to his car to bring her home.


“Don’t worry; something like this will never happen again. I promise you.” He whispered, making her squeeze him a bit tighter and digging her head into him.




He carried her into his dorm and put her on his twin bed, and tucked her in and started to walk away, but was stopped by her grabbing his wrist, smiled, and kneeled by the side of the bed. Daiki knew in fact of how frightened she was, so much has happened to her and it was all his fault, but she would never say that, he looked over to the clock which read 12:15.


“Riko I think you should sleep soon.” She just turned to him with a smile and pain in her eyes. Daiki went to his closet and made a futon bed on his floor and took is IPod with two pairs of earphones and a Y shaped audio splitter. He gave a pair to Riko, turned on the music, and laid down in his futon and put his earphones on too.


I’m so sorry Riko. 



The next day, Riko woke up to find a cure sleeping Daiki on the floor, and gathered all of her things and left out of his dorm. She took out her cell phone to see about 100 missed calls from Riin, Chinen, and Yamada, most of them comprising of "Where are you, Ryosuke is really worried" and "Do you know what time is it?! Come home little missy.". She knew about all the trouble her little family was going to give her, but Riko couldn't stop and think about her horrible experience she had yesterday and how Daiki saved her. Walking to the elevator, she could help but think about Daiki and their hug.


Do I like him?


The elevator click and she stepped out on to the halls and ran in to Takashi Riin, or her girl best friend, with an angry and worried look on her face.


"Riko where have you been?! We have been worried sick about you!"Riin screamed


"I'll tell you if you keep your voice down, you know it's 6:30 in the morning? Come on let's head to my room.


Riko telling her story on what happened yesterday, with Riin with a completely scared look on her face, like if she had seen Chinen naked again.


"Wow. Are you okay now?"


"Yeah, now, thanks to Daiki."


"Thank the Lord for him."


"And you see, I think I'm starting to like him." Riko finally said blushing.


"What?!" In a loud tone.


"Lower your voice.


"What? You know that's bad news all over Riko." Riin whispered


"I know, but I just can't help it, every time I'm near him, my heart beats so fast--


The boys come barging in with looks of relief on their face then Chinen and Yamada puts her into a tight group  hug.


"I'm glad you're okay, just don't scare us like this ever again!"


"Alright Chinen, but one if you do me one thing."




"Please let go I can't breathe."


"OH!" They suddenly let go and a roar of laugher spread throughout the room.


"What happened to you? What did that demon do to you that kept you away all night?"


"Nothing Ryo. HE didn't do anything, it just that something I don't want to talk about happened."


"What? Tell me."


"I'll explained to you later." Whispered Riin.


An awkward silence enters the room, and of course, Chinen had to break the ice.


"Let's go eat breakfast and have a good day today of hanging out, ne?"


"Hai~" Everyone rejoiced, walking out of Riko's room. They all walked ahead, except Riko who was thinking quietly to herself.


Ma, I guess I am crazy, but I guess this feeling will go away eventually.


A/N: Yay for quick update ^^ I'm very satisfied, just after two days, yesh~ :D And to all of the YwBIS fans...sorry for making them  bad guys |D -shot- Ah, sorry for my horrible writing skills S: haha, For the rest of the break, I shall update more often ^^ haha it should be my New Year’s Resolution ^^ I hope to my few readers, I’ve hoped you have enjoyed this Chapter and please comment |D -shot, again- oh and Lore, sorry I used you without permission -shot, yet again-


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rori-chanhikaru_is_love on December 30th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
Lol at hikaru!
lore baby its not what you think<\i>
Oh hikaru, hikaru...

Omg dai-chan! Our hero ne~!
this chapter was epic!
But i want daiki to dump that biatch and realise his feelings for riko (they do exist, right?)
Poor yama-chan though, give him a happy ending (unless he turns evil and makes me dislike him)
Keep up the amazing work and update soon because im hooked!
Cassidytaylidy on December 30th, 2009 03:47 pm (UTC)
haha He seemed a bit nervous ^^

Yay Dai-chan! Haha
Thank you. :D
hmm, you will just have to wait and see about Daiki^^
He will have a happy ending, it's all planned out, I'm not going to go 'green with envy' on you, or maybe I should ^^
Right boss -salutes-
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Cassidytaylidy on December 31st, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
Go Daiki~ HE is badass in this fic ^^
Thank you for reading :D
Gissellekodochalover on December 31st, 2009 09:55 am (UTC)
ehhh so now she admits she likes him ^^
and now all that is left if Dai-chan and hopefully he breaks up with that bitch :X

and I hope Yama-chan doesnt really end up hurt T^T...
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jut like hikaru_is_love says i truly hope Yama-chan has a happy ending~

and LOL at Hikaru ^^
"Lore baby its not what you think"

and OMG i cant believe Nakayama tried to rape her O__O
although im sure a lot of his fans wouldnt mind that lol

i hope you update soon ^^
thank you for these two updates :D
i was really looking forward to them~

Cassidytaylidy on December 31st, 2009 10:04 am (UTC)
Haha, Yup, you can hope for the best for Daiki ^^.

I really don't want to give anything away, but Yama-chan will end end up happy, because I'm a sucker for happy endings ^^

Haha, when Hikaru appears, Lore will not be far behind ^^

Yeah, when i thought of him, I ultimately thought of him as a Vampire |D

Yup probably tomorrow or the day after that ^^, it depends on my inspration :D

Thank you for the nice comment ^^ and Thank you for reading :D
Hai hai ^^