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29 December 2009 @ 12:50 am
Escaping Boundaries 2/?  

 Title: Escaping Boundaries 2/?
Author: Cassidy :]  
Genre:  AU, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: PG-13 (for slight language) 
Pairing: Daiki x OC x Yamada
Disclaimer: Johnny's is just being cruel!
Summary:  Aetas Pax Pacis University is a place where angels, demons, and humans dwell. Riko and Daiki are complete opposites, an angel and a demon, but fate has brought them together. Will this pair end in tragedy or will something even greater will blossom?


 Art by: cuteasian123


During one cold winter morning, stood ten students with their friends, in front of a luxurious, sleek silver colored tour bus with black tinted windows. They've been standing along the right side of that bus, for a good two hours, under the conditions of below 10 degrees Celsius. A sheet of ice has covered the bus, and their sensei was nowhere to be found. Here stands our heroine , wearing short navy boots, a few layers of white and burgundy long sleeves, a thick and striped navy blue and white cardigan, with a medium length closely knit scarf, which was as white as snow, pair gray pants tucked inside the boots, and her hair curly with a cream colored knit beret. Huddled in between Yamada and Chinen, trying to become warmer in any possible way, as their classmates are so desperately doing the same.


"Ohno-sensei! Where are you!" Screamed Riko, who was standing at the bus's door, too bad they can't go inside, since they have no key to enter it.


"We have been out here forever, and I think we will become statues at this rate!" Momoko Tsugunaga complained in a high pitched tone next to Natsuyaki Miyabi.


"Hai. Hai. Keep your shrieks down before Akane blows her fuse." Miyabi sarcastically replies.


"Hey I heard that!"


"I know~"




Akane ignores Miyabi's little joke and digs her head onto right shoulder as she clings to his arm, which has become extremely numb the past few hours, and frankly Daiki was ready to go hulk on her.


"A-Akane. Could you please get off for a little while? My arm is going to fall off."


"But you are sooo warm." said as she lifts her head and puts a huge grin on her face.


"Please, I need some space." Daiki complains, which in reaction Akane just releases his warm arm, stares at the ground and digs her shoes into the slight snow that has appeared on the ground.


"FINE! I hope you have fun on your trip alone!" She angrily replied stomping her feet toward Mai and the other demon girls to complain, more like yell, about how stupid Daiki is.


Geez what have I gotten myself into. This is going to be one lonely trip.


Daiki sighs as her rubs his hands together trying to create friction, or any kind of warmth, since now he stood alone with his luggage. Riko glances over to her right to see a lonely Daiki and feels quite thankful for having Chinen and Yamada.


Gosh. I don't know if I could even survive without them, let alone stand in the cold. I want to walk over there, but he would probably just shake me off, huh?


In a matter of moments a miracle happens. Yes, Ohno-Sensei is running towards, then past, then in reverse. Leaving his students with a confused look upon their faces.


"Minna, gomen. There were some complications on our reservations." He said out of breath and after some deep breaths, "So the room assignments would be Inoo and Yabu; Chinen, Asahi, and Yamada; Daiki, Akane, and Mai; and finally Momo and Miyabi." Ohno-sensei explained handing out tickets to eat of them.


"Now let’s go onto the bus, na?"


"FINALLY!" Everyone screamed in excitement.




The bus was extremely big compared to their class size, sixteen rows of two seats all together with a restroom in the corner right, the numbers alternating from even to odd from the left to right the seats are comprised of black leather with white head rests, and overall a bit room for this class, Inoo and Yabu were the first to take their seats on the first row on the right, then Daiki two seats behind them.


"Let’s hurry to the back! There is only one three seater," Chinen cheered, but that wasn't enough to beat Momo, Miyabi, and Mai, rushing past them and sitting.


"Damn. Then one of has to sit alone." Yamada said in defeat while heading toward the middle left side on number 7 and watch Chinen sit to the window.


"Jaa! Then you guys can sit together, because I would feel terrible." Suggested Riko.


"NO! You're a lady and we have to be gentlemen." Chinen retorted in a high pitched tone.


"Daijoubu. I know where I can sit, so please don't worry." Riko replied with a smile.


With worry in his voice, Chinen replies, "If you say so."


Nervously, Riko takes steps towards the front of the bus and sees Daiki mindlessly staring out of the window, feeling upset and lonely. Riko musters up all her courage to ask, "Ahno, Arioka- san. Can I sit next to you?"


He focuses his attention to Riko and carefully studying her in deep curiosity, "Um why?"


"Well, you look lonely and I don’t have anyone to sit next to either."


"Sure, why not." Daiki replies flatly and continues in his deep thought.


Why is Akane acting like this? I don't know what to do anymore.




The atmosphere of the bus as fairly quiet, except the chatter of the demon girls in the back, Daiki and Riko haven't said a word to each other, and after about an hour, Ohno sensei announces a little break for everyone to go to the restrooms and buy some snacks at the nearby 7-Eleven.


"Riko, you ready to go?" Yamada says cheerfully stretching out his arms and heading off the bus, dragged by Chinen.


"Hai~ Arioka-san, are you going to eat?"




"Then you have food with you?"


"No, don’t worry too much about it."


Yeah, Akane originally told me she made food for us and not to worry about it.


"Ah. Then I'll see you soon." said with a smile and runs to catch up with Yamada and Chinen.


-Inside the store-


"Riko, is it okay you are sitting and befriending a demon?" Yamada says out of curiosity.


"It's fine, I'm his tutor and nothing bad is going to happen. Now, what should I get?" Riko inquires walking around the store hold then red basket she was given, walking down the aisle full of snacks.


“A-re? Pocky?” She picks up the box of strawberry Pocky


Arioka, he loves this stuff, ne? Always having boxes and silver wrappers all over his room.






Settling back in her seat, Arioka in the same state as before, she opens her translucent plastic bag and examines her contents, which consist of an Origiri, strawberry Pocky, Hi-Chews, Jūrokucha drink, and a can of coffee. Riko picks up the box of Pocky and puts it on Daiki’s lap.


“Hmm? What is this?”


“Pocky, I noticed you like it.”




“Well I would feel bad to let you starve, so eat up! Isn’t this what friends do for eat other?”


“Arigatou.” Daiki replies opening the box, tear the silver wrapping, and takes out one of the pink sticks.


She’s not so bad, I guess I shouldn’t try to shut her out completely, we can be friends :]


Riko takes out her little 16gb orange Ipod and starts to unwrap her matching orange Gummi ear buds and handing the left one in Daiki’s direction.


“Do you want to listen?” Riko suggests, he nods in agreement putting it in his ear, as she puts on Everytime by Simple Plan.

It was three AM when you woke me up
And we
jumped in the car and drove as far as we could go
Just to get away
We talked about our lives
Until the sun came up
And now I'm thinking about
How I wish I could go back
Just for one more day
One more day with you


“It’s a nice song. I want someone to do this to me?”




“Wake me up at 3am and take me on an adventure, sound fun right?”


“Yeah, but if I’d wake up Akane, she’d kill me.”


“Me too. Ryosuke is such a baby.”


The laugh in an unison and go through the rest of the trip like that, unknowing of Akane’s green eyes of envy, that can pierce through diamonds.


Just wait little Riko, soon enough you will face my wrath and regret ever speaking a word to my Daiki.


After a few more hours of boredom and being stuck in traffic, Yabu is the only one awake as Ohno-sensei stops for gas. He took out his Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera, or his baby, and took pictures of unsuspecting victims to take pictures of, since he was the President of the Photography club. He went out of his seat and saw Riko and Daiki in an interesting position, Riko was laying on Daiki’s shoulder and her was laying on her head, both with the orange ear buds still in, blasting foreign music.


“They will thank me for this one day.” Yabu slyly and quietly said heading to the seat in front of them.






It was a bright morning as the white sun shined through the windows; yesterday was their day in the Tokyo Disneyland hotel and just unpack, relax and rest for an exciting full day in both DisneySea and Disneyland, because this was their only full day to have fun until the end of the recital, they warmth lie on Riko’s eyes making her wake up and stretch. She put herself in an upright position and looks at the digital clock, which read 7:47 am, Riko got herself out of bed still in her baby blue with white clouds pajamas and goes to Yamda’s twin bed.


“Ne, Ryo-chan. Wake up, I want to be there early so we don’t miss anything!” Riko whispered shaking him and taking off his blanket.


“YAADA!!” He said having a tug of war battle with Riko.








All of this ruckus woke up poor Chinen, yawning like a little kid and rubbing his eyes. “Can you guys stop fighting and go get ready?” Chinen boldly said walking towards them.


“Sorry Chii.”


“It’s fine, now let’s get ready for an adventure~”


After an hour of preparing they were finally ready and out the door, walking down the hallway to heading to the elevator, and running into Daiki just wandering around dressed casually, but doesn’t seem to do going anywhere.


“Arioka-san, are you going to the parks?” Riko asked cheerfully.


“No, I wouldn’t want to go by myself.”


“What? You have no one to go with, why don’t you just hang out with us today?”


“I wouldn’t want to impose on your good time.”


“Iie, we don’t mind, right guy?” She said looking at Chinen and Yamada.


“Sure, we’ll have lots of fun!” Chinen replied.


“Ja, It’s settled, lets head on our way~” She said leading the way, on the other hand Yamada seemed kind of, well jealous.




They headed every ride possible, from the Tea Cups in Fantasyland to Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, being dragged by Riko, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Walking from place to place, time just seemed to fly by, before they knew it, it was dark and the Parks we dressed up in beautiful Christmas lights and fake snow. They were tired after a long day and just walked around and browsing the shops.


“Ne Riko, what do you want for your birthday?” Yamada brought up.


“Anything really.”


“Birthday?” questioned Daiki.


“Yeah her birthday is on the day of the recital this Friday on the 11th.” Chinen explained.




“It’s okay, you don’t have to get me anything Daiki, your friendship is good enough. Let’s go in that one minna~”


Riko rushed inside the store and started to browse as Yamada and Chinen were trying to catch up by running, as Daiki slowly walks inside looking through the items.


Hmm what would she like? She’s my friend now, so I have an obligation.


And something caught his eye, a simple snowflake necklace,it had six twists of sterling silver and stars on some of the strands and a crystal in the middle, he took it and hurried to the counter before anyone says and paid for it as they were ready to leave.


Walking out a hint of curiosity hit Riko and she asked, “Ooo, what did you buy Arioka-san?”


“A present.” He vaguely replied with a smirk on his face.


“Eh? Is it for Inoue- san?”


“Maybe~” Daiki and Riko childishly fought while heading back to the hotel, having Yamada and Chinen following behind.




For the next few days were full of mini performances and hard practices for the upcoming recital in Fantasyland, Daiki and Akane eventually made up and were taking each other’s time being all lovey dovey again. Soon enough, a week past and the recital was full of Christmas Carols and many other popular music and a live professional orchestra and the park filled with cheer and wonderful music complimented by the light color changing of the originally blue Cinderella Castle, it was snowing throughout the performance, and filled all the families and people with the holiday cheer.


“And Early Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you enjoyed these great performance and wish you the happiest days in the happiest place on earth, I wish you all a good night.”


A round of applause was heard and people started to head home, while the APPU students started to head back to the hotel, Akane was busy chatting secret things with Mai and told she would meet Daiki in the room, this was his opportunity to head the Riko’s room. He knocked a few times and the door was open to see a smiling Riko.


“Happy Birthday Asahi~”


“Arigatou, Arioka-san. Come on in.” Riko gestured and looking around the room was a bit messy due to packing up for their leave tomorrow, with Yamada and Chinen nowhere to be found. They sat on her bed and Daiki put her present, which was wrapped in classic silver Disney wrapping paper with Mickey heads throughout, on her lap.


“Hmm?” She started to unwrap it until only a long red rectangle box and she carefully opened it and took the snowflake necklace by the chain and was helped by Daiki to put it on. Then on a sudden urge, she put him tight warm embrace and suddenly let go and realized he wasn’t the one she should be hugging. And silence came between them.


“Sorry, and thank you for the gift.”


“It’s okay, just surprising, Akane is coming back soon. So I’ll see you later Riko,” he said smiling and closing the door behind him.


Riko was sitting there with her heart on her chest and it seemed to still be beating faster every minute and she began breathing hard.


Why am I feeling right now?




Everything went back to normal upon their arrival back to APPU, for Riko and having those moments like when Daiki ‘sand her hands accidently touch making her heart go doki doki was getting kind of a normal thing for her to do and months have passed.


“Then we will stop here for today, you have been doing better and better every lesson.”


“Because I have a great teacher like you.” Daiki complimented, making her slightly blush, which was normal now.


“Naw, so I better get going now.”


“Oh wait! Would you like to come to a party?”




“Yeah, you need some fun in your life! Come on you can meet some of my friends.”


“But I’m scared, I won’t know anyone.”


“Don’t worry I’ll protect you from my weird friends, and maybe there are some sophomores might have been with you your freshman year, so what do you say?”


“Sure why not, I trust you.”

A/N: BACK :D and not DEAD ^^ I'm sorry it took so long, I've been wrting other Chapters ^^ I promise I will update within this week or next week PROMISE :D Comment and Criticism are welcomed ^^

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