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30 November 2009 @ 12:19 am
CHII-CHAN! Mini-pic spam :D~  

HAPPY 16th



UWA~ Kawaii!

Still so kawaii ^^;

Our favorite fanboy~

b183355abc79b4941181bd197fa51332124.jpg chinen yuuri image by saralovesyamada_animes

When your voice was SO HIGH o.O

scrapsayo2.jpg chinen yuuri image by saralovesyamada_animes

Tee hee~ Scrap teacher :D

4693c6441c21950e616b8d06086fbe4c122.gif chinen yuuri image by jam16_hsj

wow.gif chinen yuuri image by saralovesyamada_animes
You're so silly ^^;

Char.jpg Yuuri Chinen image by peacemakers_2007
I remember watching this~
it reminds me of his OHNO SIGN BOARD!

26_ChinenYuuri.jpg chinen yuuri image by bitchstard
You and your silly faces xD

yuuri-chinen-1005641.jpg kawaii chinen image by annizagwaps
Don't cry -gives cookie-
the good ol' HS7 days

Bestfriend.jpg chinen yuri image by yuuriza02
I wanna bathe with chii and dai-chan -shot-

kiss-me.jpg yamada ryosuke and chinen yuuri image by saralovesyamada_animes
KYAA~ He's so close ;3

Great Picture to end with nee~

Oh Happy Birthday Chii.
You Ohno loving fanboy :3
I hope you grow taller!-shot-
with a sharp tongue xD
and loves attention ;D

Ahh you're still older than me.
I wanted to post this right when it was t
he 30th over here and still over there

-if any picture belong to you please do tell!
i got all from photobucket~
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