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29 November 2009 @ 03:51 am
Are You Happy Now prologue  

Title: Are You Happy Now?

Author: taylidy

Genre: Romance, angst?

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Hikaru x OC

Disclaimer: Johnny's is just being cruel!

Summary: Hikaru is a successful businessman for an advertising company. Sachiko is a famous songstress. What do they have in common you ask? They are ex-lovers. What happens when their paths intertwine after so long?

A warm spring day, the sky was a bright orange and red, stood a broken couple. Trees surrounded their walkway and dirt covered the floor. This was the spot where he first confessed. The air was crisp and the breeze was a bit cold for an April day, people were passing by some people just watched the scene other could care less.

"Hikaruuu!" Sachiko screamed her lungs at the fading figure was getting smaller.

He turned around and spoke to her, "What to we have to discuss anymore?"

She ran up to him and wrapped slender arms around him.

"I love you and that will never change." Tears pour down her already red eyes.

He pushed her off making her fall to the dirt. "This is what I mean! You're way too clingy, I just wanna be free! We are going our separate ways, go on with your life forget me.

She stood up, picked up her thick rectangular glasses, and scraped off the dirt from her now bloody legs and the skirt of her uniform.

"Ne, please don't do this. I need you. I've never met anyone I felt this way for. I don't know what would do without you. Please. Please." she didn't know what to think anymore, she was full of emotions of hate, despair, and need.

He turn and started to walk, "Gomen, I just can't handle you anymore."

With the little power she had left to walk, went toward him.

"You can't say anything for me to leave it like this so easily ."

Stopping in his tracks and blurted out the words, "Oh yeah?! Well to be honest I never thought you were that great of a singer, and that it's stupid that you are pursuing a singing career. Wake up sweetie. Life isn't that easy. Try something more practical. Maybe you can't do it cause you never focused in high school. Face reality, you're not going to go far how you are planning it. I don't want you to bring me down in your little fantasy. It's about time you realized it too."

Sachiko's knees went weak and she fell to the ground. She was crushed. No words or feeling can describe how she felt that exact moment.

"Oh and here." He slipped off the ring she gave him and threw it in her direction. "I don't need it anymore."

For the last time his silhouette walked away, every step was harder to watch than the other. A darkness pressed around her. No one was near her to soothe her pain away; no dear hand to support her, he left her there to wallow in her despair.

The tears which felt like rain the dirt becoming mud. Trying to get her composure back she went to go fetch the ring which was thrown at her. Wiping the dirt from the cylinder ring with rectangular blue sapphire chips all around with it engraved "幸子と光" She too off the one Hikaru gave to her, it was shaped as a heart with 3 diamonds on the left curve on top and a one twice as one of the three on the left bottom edge . Sachiko clutched the two ring in her rings in her hand.

Hikaru was the social lite, a rich genius, with good looks to match his cocky attitude. He was one lucky bastard. While Sachiko always felt poverty, a person who kept everything to herself, that is after her parents died.

Sachiko wasn't the prettiest, smartest, or richest girl, but there was something that drawn Hikaru to her.

Hikaru always felt that he could be himself with her, he didn't always have to be funny, or put on this façade around her, she treated him like a normal person. He was changed by her. Sachiko didn't know when it started either, but she started to become more happy and not always trying to shut people out, and not everything she loves will vanish.

From meeting as neighbors in the 2nd grade to the end of their high school year, they were inseparable. They took separate routes; Hikaru and his dream to open an advertising company with his best friend, Inoo Kei, and Sachiko was an aspiring musician. Hikaru supported her and vise versa, he bought her first guitar, a light blue acoustic one with a message engraved on the back, he even taught her how to play it.

They slowly developed feelings for each other and by the end of their second year in junior high he confessed, and of course, she said yes.

Something happened, through their last year. That bit happiness was torn when then new girl came. Tomomi Masumoto, his heart skipped a few beats every time she walk by. Then she asked him to go to Todai with her, and well, this is where the story started.

Sachiko wanted him stay and go to school in Sendai, like they planned in the beginning. But now, she was left a broken person without anyone to pick up the pieces.

"Well then. Hikaru, I will prove you wrong, no matter how difficult it is. Promise."

A/N: Wow, i haven't posted fanfiction in awhile. ^^; Gomen! Aww~ Something terrible has happened D: All my files for escaping boundaries have erased >.< i have to rewrite them. Bleh. Well i posted a new a Hikaru one :D and will update EB soon. Thank you for reading~

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rori-chanhikaru_is_love on November 29th, 2009 12:05 pm (UTC)
wow. just...WOW!
hikaru you...i cant even think of a good enough insult!
this is amaziiinnggg!
Cassidytaylidy on November 29th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
haha thank you ^^
yeah darn Hikaru D:
Okay I'm in the process of it ^^;
swimmer_chen on January 4th, 2010 01:58 am (UTC)
"Sachiko wanted him stay and go to school in Sendai, like they planned in the beginning. But now, she was left a broken person without anyone to pick up the pieces."
SO SAD!!! hikaru = <3333333333
naosternaoster on June 19th, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
Omg evil! But looking forward to him falling head over heels with her once again! :)