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26 November 2009 @ 02:23 pm

おめでとう 大野智

Aw~ Wow, you're 29! That's how old my brother is ^^;

080721oriconstyle04.jpg ganbatte! image by ainangst2
haha~ you look so young!
Ohno Satoshi, you are the reason i got into
Johnny's Entertainment~
First watching HYD and then the Wish PV,
now i'm absolutely a proud! JOHNNY'S FANGIRL ^^.
And that you adore your mother so much
You don't know what Chinen sees in you.
Always saying, "Ohno-sama Daisuki~"
Because you are amazing~
Your loving voice is of an Angel,
you dance like a freaken GOD,
and acting is so convincing!
I was so scared of Riida in Maou!
All the times you and Nino were 'bonding' Ohmiya moment
i LOVE staring at my lj layout because of you :D
May you and Arashi keep on causing a storm throughout the world~
haha~ KENTA!

Happy Birthday Sammeh!

Miss Samantha Diaz~
i was always jealous you shared a birthday with ohno.
Wow i havent seen you in months.
you going to Northview, me at south hills
aw i remember all the memories we had,
the secrets we shared :D
you and always being a spazz, and entertaining.
you're my supplementary to my complementary
we will always be part of the kool kids klub
and aquabats, man you rock!
Man i miss you<3


Happy Thanksgiving~

I'm thankful for Johnny's Entertainment~

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